When you look into the mirror, think not upon how others perceive you; instead, think about how God sees you. To Him, you are the most beautiful thing on earth. And that's all that matters.
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Thursday, May 21, 2009


Some people have a shoe fetish. Or a purse fetish. Maybe even a hat fetish. While I do quite enjoy the searching for, purchasing, and wearing of all these items, I'd have to say I have instead a journal fetish. That's right, I LOVE journals! I tend to use different journals for different things, and have at least two or three going at any one time. I'll think of any excuse to buy a cute journal that catches my eye, and have quite a few that I haven't started to write in yet.
There's so much potential in an empty journal; blank pages waiting to be filled with hopes and dreams, heartbreaks, secrets, lists and general ramblings. I always have expectations when I start a new journal to create these eloquent works of art in my writing, but I usually end up with splotched pages, doodles, and even half-written entries. While this disappoints me slightly, it will never stop me from writing in and loving my journals. =:^)


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