When you look into the mirror, think not upon how others perceive you; instead, think about how God sees you. To Him, you are the most beautiful thing on earth. And that's all that matters.
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Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Memory Of Trees

So Enya has this album called "The Memory Of Trees", and I was listening to it and wondering what trees would remember if they could think and feel,  see, smell, and hear.  I imagined them waking up from an enchanted slumber, and stretching limb and leaf toward the sky.  Feeling  the sun, they'd think, "What is that warmth on my leaves?  Oh, sun, I remember!"  They'd wiggle their roots in the cool, hard dirt, deep below the grass.  They'd say, "What's that I hear?  Birds!  Water!  I remember.. I remember!"  So, while I was listening to Enya, I decided to write a poem; a poem about 'The Memory of Trees...'

Sun and rain, wind and snow
In the memory of trees
Long green grass grows far below
Branches moved by breeze
Flood and drought, fire and storm
Did these old boughs mar
These trees with time and trials formed
Lithe and strong, yet scarred
Branches stretching to the sky
Reaching for the sun
While far below the soil lie
Roots entwined as one
Birds on limbs and branches nest
Bees in hives abide
Squirrels in nooks and crannies rest
Hiding nuts inside
Hunts and wars, and lovers' trysts
Encounters more than these
From lifetimes past, do still exist
In the memory of trees


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fade Away

I close my eyes, and I see you standing before me.
I reach out my hand to touch you. Eyes and fingers trace every detail of your face, yet somehow, you remain a mystery.
We embrace; bodies together as one, cheek on cheek. My arms encircle your neck, and yours about my waist, yet I feel no warmth. I feel nothing but longing.
You smile tenderly on me. I wonder, who are you? You are an enigma. So close I can almost touch you, but too far away to know you.
My eyes open; you fade away like a memory.


Monday, February 8, 2010

Daydreaming... Again...

Ah, if only I had the ability to make my daydreams come true...
So the other day I was putting on my makeup, and started thinking about what it would be like if I were going to the Grammys, or the Emmys, or the Golden Globes...  If I were rich and famous... a celebrity...  I'd set up something; maybe have someone I trust in a few cities I visit give me the name of a girl who is perhaps at a disadvantage somehow; poor, picked on, low self-esteem, terminal illness possibly... Someone who would really enjoy getting dressed up and treated like a princess for a day, but not ever getting the chance to.  I'd take that girl, buy her a gown, get her hair and makeup professionally done, maybe a mani and pedi as well...  And I'd take her down the red carpet with me.  I figure once you've been to one or two of those things they'd get kinda boring, like they're all the same... maybe I'm wrong.  But anyway, it would always be new this way, because this girl with me would be excited and seeing it through new eyes...  And it would be a great time...  And that's my daydream.  And if anyone reads this and thinks I'm silly, please don't say so...  Because I like to dream.  And that's all this one will ever be... A dream; a nice thought.