When you look into the mirror, think not upon how others perceive you; instead, think about how God sees you. To Him, you are the most beautiful thing on earth. And that's all that matters.
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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hide & Seek

Ready or not, here I come!
I'm gonna find you wherever you run.
Go on and hide; we'll have some fun!
Ready or not, here I come!

Your turn to hide; my turn to seek.
I promise You now that I won't peek.
I'll sneak up behind you; you'll let out a shriek...
Its your turn to hide and my turn to seek.

I'm searching all over; can't find you.
Where in the world did you get to?
Spinning in circles; don't know what to do!
I'm searching all over, but I can't find you!

Wait, what's over behind that tree?
Could it really be you that I see?
It is! I found you! I found you!
Bet ya can't catch me!

April 22nd 2008

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


The sun in all its glorious splendour pales in comparison to You!

The mountains, majestic and mighty, fall prostrate at Your feet!

The imperial, stately trees of the forest humbly
bend their knees before You!

Even the rocks and stones cry out Your name and sing Your praises!

How much more should we, who were made by You in Your image, who were purchased by Your Son, love and worship you! How much more should we desire to exalt and honour You, bowing low in reverence before Your throne!!

April 15th 2008

How Beautiful!

Walking down a wooded path, I see life all around In the trees slowly awakening, the little yellow flowers blooming like drops of sunshine on the hillside.
Oh, how beautiful You must be!

My eyes are drawn by the plethora of blues, browns, and greens! Oh the colour! Oh the shades! My mind cannot take in all the wonder of your world!
How beautiful You must be!

My ears are tuned to the silver stream singing its praises to You. A robin trills with exuberant pleasure, while a dove coos mournfully.
Oh, how beautiful You must be!

The cool, refreshing rain on my skin, the warm, consoling sun on my face, and the agile breeze dancing through the stately trees are signs of life; of spring; the glorious awakening of majesty!
God, how beautiful You must be!

The fragrance of dewy leaves and moistened earth mingles with the pungent pines, spruce and cedar and tantalizes my senses.
Lord, how beautiful You must be!

I am enraptured by the resplendent, dazzling creation that tumbled out of Your heart and spilled from Your mouth! That you just uttered a word and from it flowed life is unfathomable to me!
Oh, how much more beautiful than this You must be!!

April 15th 2008

Call on His Name (song)

You feel lost, you don't know where you're going
You have it all, but it doesn't satisfy.
You have a hole, way deep down in your heart
And you can't fill it, no matter what you try.

Well, lift your head, it won't be much longer
Till you see what's right before your eyes

When you can't find your way, just call on His Name
He'll be right there beside you.
When you don't know what to do, get on your knees and pray
And He'll send His light to guide you

You start to wonder, "What's my purpose anyway?"
You feel alone in your big group of friends.
You search for peace, but you don't find it anywhere
You feel despair; you just want it all to end.

But don't give up, you'll find what you're needing
You are so loved; more than you can comprehend

When you can't find your way, just call on His Name
He'll be right there beside you.
When you don't know what to do, get on your knees and pray
And He'll send His light to guide you

March 11th 2008

Lovely (song)

The Father waits for her to come,
Arms open wide, eyes full of love
He says, "Come to Me, beloved one.
"Feel My embrace; you're not alone."
But she doesn't hear. She doesn't know;
She doesn't think she's beautiful.
She doesn't know that she is worth
Much more than anything else on earth.

She's lovely, her Daddy's girl
His little princess; she's the centre of His world.
She's lovely, His Sweetie Pie
She is the apple of her Daddy's eye

Her Lover stands, His eyes aglow
Watching her live on earth below
She thinks, "There must be more to life than this!"
He just wishes she could taste His kiss
'Cause she needs to know; she needs to see
How close to her He wants to be.
She needs to feel the burning fire
Of His love for her; she is His desire.

She's lovely, His spotless bride
He sees her standing by His side
She's lovely, in every way
She grows more beautiful day by day

You need to hear, you need to know
Your Father made you beautiful.
You need to know that you are worth
So much more than anything else on earth.

You're lovely, so beautiful
Outside and in your heart and soul
You are lovely; God made you so
And He just really wants you to know.

February 6th 2008