When you look into the mirror, think not upon how others perceive you; instead, think about how God sees you. To Him, you are the most beautiful thing on earth. And that's all that matters.
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Monday, August 13, 2007

Poetry From Past Years

Some poems I wrote a while ago...

El Shaddai
Eyes blazing like the hottest fire,
Feet like burnished bronze.
A double-edged sword coming out of His mouth
As He speaks into the beyond.
Head and hair; white as wool.
He wears a sash of gold.
His face shines like the bright noon sun;
A strong face- kind and bold.
His voice like that of water flows,
The sound so rich and sweet:
Like a waterfall, or ocean tide,
With water oh so deep.
A beautiful fragrance can be sensed
Whenever He is near.
And with those feet of His, so swift and sure,
He can run, and run, just like the deer.
So beautiful a man is He,
To see Him in His place;
Enthroned in awesome majesty,
With mercy, love and grace.
When you look upon His lovely face,
Are you filled with dread and doom?
If you are, prepare your heart;
For behold; He's coming soon!!
June 8th 2004

Her Daddy
The Father held her in His arms;
Keeping her safe from all harm;
She wasn't really all that smart;
But she had a real enormous heart.
Kids at school would laugh and yell;
'She's retarded, can't you tell'?
She'd just smile when insults they'd hurl;
And say 'I'm Daddy's little girl'.
She tried to tell them of His love,
They wouldn't listen though;
They didn't believe in God above.
She was special,
The other kids couldn't see;
But it didn't matter to her,
She'd just be all she could be.
That's all she could do,
And all that Daddy would want.
You see, God was her Daddy,
So it didn't matter to Him,
Whether she was retarded or not;
He still loved His little girl;
He really loved her alot!
Then one day while walking to school,
She thought it would be pretty cool;
To see the birds in the park out yonder,
So she went off track and began to wander.
She stepped out onto the street,
Not seeing two cars about to meet.
The two cars crashed with her in the center;
This was much more than a fender bender.
The little girl wasn't in any pain;
Her Daddy was there,
And He took her away.
Now she's safe in His arms,
Not knowing any harm.
Her time had come,
And now she's at home;
With her Daddy.
December 27th 2006

He smiled at her, and she saw tears in His eyes.
She felt she was the one who was going to cry.
She had just given Him her life,
Now He was in control.
Wherever He went, she wanted to follow.
As she walked down the street,
She wanted to tell all she'd meet;
Of the wonderful Person she saw;
When she looked at Him, she was filled with awe.
She had been about to jump off a bridge,
Over a river by a mountain ridge.
Then, she jumped; eager to end it all,
When Someone caught her and broke her fall.
She stared at Him with fear in her eyes;
He looked so sad; like He was about to cry.
He said to her, "please don't be scared.
I was with you when no one else cared."
As He held her, she told Him about her fears.
When she was finished, He wiped away her tears.
All of a sudden, she felt so good.
He'd made her feel better than any drugs would.
She knew exactly what she had to do;
Forgive herself, and ask Him to forgive her too.
"All's forgiven my daughter", He said.
All at once she was safe in her bed.
Was it all a dream, she wondered and wondered.
Then, she'd remembered how that day she had blundered.
Right away, she again saw His face.
No, it hadn't been a dream, she had been in that place.
Now she knows, that He is always there,
Holding her in His tender loving care.
Now, she can talk to Him, and tell Him her fears,
And He'll quietly whisper into her ear:
"Always remember that this is true;
You'll always be mine, and I'll always love you."
June 8th 2004

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