When you look into the mirror, think not upon how others perceive you; instead, think about how God sees you. To Him, you are the most beautiful thing on earth. And that's all that matters.
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Monday, August 13, 2007


My heart aches; my soul yearns for that one who will be there forever.
The one who will be by my side through the good times & the bad, through times of happiness & times of grieving, through seasons of boredom & of uncertainties. My body longs, yes aches to be touched; embraced; held.
My heart desires to be loved, and to love in return with a love that never dies. My hands quiver with anticipation & desperation when I think of my love coming for me. Where is this one whom I love with my whole heart? Let me find him quickly! Let him come to me!
August 13th 2007
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