When you look into the mirror, think not upon how others perceive you; instead, think about how God sees you. To Him, you are the most beautiful thing on earth. And that's all that matters.
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Monday, September 24, 2007


I am alone. Very alone.
I stare up at the vast, empty sky,
And think aloud; "Is this all there is to life?"
I walk through the silent woods. I am alone.
Utterly and completely alone.
Not a bird is chirping, not a squirrel is scampering.
My heart longs to be filled.
It is crowded. I am standing amidst a thousand people.
Still, I am alone; dreadfully alone.
My soul is screaming, but no words reach my lips.
At last, I manage a feeble utterance, "God, help me!"
Suddenly, I'm not alone.

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